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All killers. No fillers.
My life long passion for film music and my extensive experience as film composer and music supervisor led to the creation of 'Scoring Tools Music Library'. 
What's so unique about 'Scoring Tools' is that tracks are exclusively composed to the picture. They are 'picture lock born' which gives them the ultimate scoring attitude. It's a composers library to it's core!
Many tracks also include the STEM versions, which makes it the  perfect tool to produce inspirational film scores effortless, in a short period of time. Of course it's needless to say, they're all killers, no fillers.
'Scoring Tools Music Library' features a wide range of genres including all the classical film scores, underscoring tension moods, world music and pretty much everything else needed for the big screen. It's designed to make life easy for editors operating in high pressured environments with tight deadlines.
The music library is steady growing and regularly used by the ARD and ZDF, Germany's two largest broadcasters.​
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